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Fuseboard Replacing

New trip switch board as installed by Ian Christie Electrical, Dublin
Fuseboard Replacing
We do special offers on replacement of your old fuse board with a new trip switch board - safer, better looking and more convenient

Q. Why should I Get My Old Fusebox Replaced With A New Tripswitch Board?

A: If you have an old fuse box installed in your house then this fuse box is at the very least 35 years old.
It is a potential fire hazard

1.Your new trip switch board will be fitted with an RCD.

2.Your new trip switch board will be fully fireproof with a fireproof base.

3.It will contain mcb units instead of fuses which give you better protection from fire and electric shock.

4.It will be a lot easier to use as it will be easier to recognise when a fault has occurred and to reset it.
No more searching for fuses in the dark.

5.Lastly it looks a better, more streamlined with a door at the front.

In fact it can be mounted into the wall and can be completely inconspicuous